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Aquamarine Palm Harbour
Cape Haze, FL

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Your Own Private Custom Yacht Service
Our Vessel,
the C-Dream!
Our Vessel, the C-Dream!
Vessel C-Dream is a custom built Maine Lobster Yacht built by Morgan Bay Boat in Frankfort, Maine. The hull is a traditional proven deep keel lobster boat hull built by Webber’s Cove Boat Yard. Click here for the history of Webber’s Cove.

C-Dream provides a very stable, safe, dry, comfortable ride. The pilot house is closed off enough to provide protection from the sun, spray, wind, red tide and cold. It can also be opened up to allow plenty of air flow. She has plenty of comfortable seating and ample cockpit room. There is a clean enclosed head (bathroom), a full galley and we even have heat! What this means is that any day is a great boating day with Downeast Charters!

C-Dream is equipped with all required safety equipment. She is properly registered in Florida, documented with the USCG and insured for Charter. She will always be operated by a USCG licensed Captain with valid drug and alcohol compliance. Safety of our passengers and crew is very important to us. We also make every attempt to minimize our environmental impact by following all waist, garbage and oil discharge rules.

We navigate in marked channels only to protect our precious shallow waters. We enjoy observing our local wildlife while paying respect for their home.

At Downeast Charters you can be rest assured that you will have a safe and amazing adventure.